Ecommerce and Social Integration

E commerce & Social Integration

We are living in the age of internet, and social media marketing, is the new big way of marketing in this era. Social media integration has a great potential to boost your website traffic and increase sales.

Following are the different ways of social media marketing which can improve your business:

  • Amazon Integration
  • Ebay Integration
  • Facebook Apps Integration
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Walmart Integration
  • Flipkart Integartion

Google Apps Integration

Most of the people today, are Google Apps users it already explain why Google apps are beneficial for a business. Google Apps can help businesses with facts calculated on the size of your company, and how you can save money and time. In addition to businesses, many schools and non-profits are taking advantage of Google Apps.

Facebook Apps Integration

Facebook is the most visiting and the largest social media platform today. So it is easy to engage the audience, who is already spending time on this platform.

Amazon Integration

Amazon integration helps you maximize your presence and selling power with an effective edge in the world’s largest online retail marketplace.

Ebay Integration

Ebay integration lets user, seamlessly sell on one of the world’s most popular marketplaces

Walmart Integration

Walmart integration plugins helps user to upload and manage the inventory in bulk. The profile-based listing option offered by Walmart integration extension allows user to upload the products and related details in bulk

Flipkart Integration

Flipkart market place offers the best opportunity for online business, it is most approachable online marketplace. It provides lowest cost of doing business with highest growth rate.

Jet Integration

Not only that it is beneficial for the customers, sellers too enjoy selling on Jet market place great liberty and have certain advantages apart from no listing fee, sign up fee and monthly fee.

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