Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Our Website hosting environment offers the following capabilities to our clients:

Advantages of a multi-million $ professionally managed web hosting environment Guaranteed 99.9+% reliability for website and for email Fast speeds due to super high speed connections to Internet backbone.

Advantages of personalized service offered by Jovial21st staff who understand your unique needs – very important when you have questions or as business changes Use of Industry standard hardware/software Competitive pricing.

A range of hosting options depending on your website and email needs (disk space taken by your site, number of email accounts, amount of activity on your site and other factors) FTP accounts for uploading and downloading files available for technically savvy clients Control panel for your domain, if you want to manage your own website and email accounts

Why Choose Our Web Hosting Service

  • A full range of features.
  • Windows 2000 servers with full support for ASP, Perl, CGI, ISAPI, SHTML and IHTML scripting technologies.
  • Full support for Microsoft FrontPage Extensions.
  • Full support for CGI programs developed in any programming language such as Visual Basic or Delphi.
  • ODBC Database connectivity such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel.
  • SQL Server 7.0 Database connectivity.
  • Advanced Password Protection for portions of your your website.
  • SSL Secure Server functionality.
  • Sophisticated tools (Matrix stats) for measuring and analyzing traffic to your website.
  • Virus scanning protection for all incoming email.
  • Media Streaming (audio and video).
About Us

Jovial21st is a uniquely qualified company capable of delivering end to end solutions through valuable strategy, consulting services, and highly skilled execution.

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