FTP and E-mail accounts and Domain transfer information.

You would not have to worry about this as our technical personal would be handling this. Still, in case you have registered your domain from some other source or are planning to do so and would like to transfer/host your site on our server, please contact us.
Once your account has been set up with us, you will get an ftp account. In your FTP program ( FileZilla ) the three important details required to access your ftp account are the Host/Server name, username and the password. In most cases they will be in the following format.
Presently we are providing only POP3 E-mail accounts. This means that you can use any e-mail client like MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, Netscape Mail etc to retrieve your e-mail. The basic information required by most of the e-mail clients are as below; Note : Your Username and Password will be set at the time of setting your domain. If you have any special preference please let us know.

If you server is Linux/cpanel The URL for your control panel would be –

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